• Ongoing Activities
  • In Crisis

Ongoing Activities

...to Bring Support and Restore Hope...

Some of the Activities of the Trust Include:

  • Providing food or dry rations to the poor and hungry
  • Providing clothing, blankets or other requirements
  • Helping with the rehabilitation of street children
  • Educating children in rural areas
  • Covering the cost of blood, medicines, or hospital expenses for those in need
  • Sponsoring surgeries - heart, abdominal, cataract, etc
  • Supporting ashrams and charitable organisations that are doing social service
  • Promoting Meditation for Peace in schools
  • Sponsoring Pranic Healing and higher spiritual courses for those in need of financial assistance
  • Promoting Pranic Healing throughout India
  • Supporting new Pranic Healing Foundations
  • Supporting the further development of the GMCKS Arhatic Yoga Ashram in India

In Times of Crisis

...To Rebuild Faith...

A natural crisis can bring darkness to those who lose their homes or loved ones. It can leave lives shattered and a sense of desperation to all affected. During these times, MCKS Trust Fund works to ensure that funds are immediately available to begin to restore all that is lost, both in the short and long term. The Trust works to provide a light of assistance and hope to areas of devastation.

Three Stages of Giving:
  • Immediate - providing and distributing food and water
  • Intermediate Recovery Process - providing dry rations and cooking utensils
  • Long-term Rehabilitation - assisting in the rebuilding and restoration of housing
Examples of Causes Supported:
  • Tsunami in 2006
  • Earthquake relief in Gujarat
  • Floods in Maharashtra, Jammu, Kashmir, and Karnataka
  • Floods in Bihar